Educational System

Methodical, Innovative, Effective

We embrace the obligation to disseminate substantial prospects with the highest standard to promote knowledge, foster public awareness and enrich cultural life through education. Aryam’s original system is a mechanism fashioned to improve the quality of teaching and ensure the practicality of achieving predetermined objectives in studying English. The synergy of demanding practical applications of language learning and methodological advances in AIC has rendered tremendous progress reliably.

Aryam College

We adopt a holistic approach towards adept accommodation of individual learning needs. It is a broad and fresh perspective ensuring tangible and perceptible results via modern methods of measuring and calibrating language skills. We apply an extensive monitoring system that observes all the factors of the process continuously and meticulously.



The department is devoted to studying of ideas, traditions, cultures, communication and research. We do not administer a single school of thought in teaching but rather welcome variation within the rules of rational discourse.

AIC’s education system embodies the following sections:

  • Placement Test
  • Operational Plan
  • Resources and Events
  • Training

Learners are initially evaluated to cultivate a study plan through sequence analysis of the following four criteria:

  • Level
  • Objectives
  • Needs
  • Styles


Comprehensive scrutiny of performance throughout the course is a distinctive cog at AIC. The scheme ensures:

  • High Quality of Education
  • Consistent Learning Process
  • Pragmatic Solutions for Educational Problems
  • Constructive Communication with Learners and Instructors
  • Point-to-Point Record of the Progress

Each is applicable on specified schedules during the training cycle. The regulatory and consultancy review measures include ‘Monitoring’ of; 

  • Placement Test
  • Class Assignments
  • Time Schedules
  • Practice Time
  • Student Problem-Solving
  • Assessment Reports
  • Teacher Performance
  • Teacher Evaluation by Students
  • Last Minute Revision
  • Exam Readiness
  • Exam Performance


Our team is an expert in the design, implementation and alignment of appraisals following the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to ensure students are offered fair, valid and reliable education. We develop competence and capacity by adapting multilateral evaluation methods that suit the context and lead to objective and reliable results via:

An independent multidimensional evaluation mechanism

  • Essential measures to expand the quality of the process
  • Promoting a culture of rigorous valuation in education
  • Providing an accurate review of the learning cycle
  • Determining test validity and areas for improvement
  • Training on all aspects of teaching, from theory to practice