Meet the faces behind the magic

Our Incredible Team!

We have recruited qualified language experts with diverse backgrounds in linguistics, education, academic research, curriculum design, and teaching. Our cosmopolitan team of veteran professionals ensures a systematic, immersive, and efficient learning process for students.

AIC applies carefully designed employment criteria based on strict standards to measure all relevant skill sets, including, but not limited to, a university degree or equivalent recognized certificates in teaching English.

We understand the critical role of supportive and considerate staff in achieving the set agenda and thus prioritize a positive and sustainable work environment that promotes our personnel’s well-being and career growth.

The common characteristics among all colleagues at AIC are a passion for momentous education, commitment to impeccable performance and unequivocal dedication to students’ success.


Azad Ghadermazi, an entrepreneur and higher education expert, has been responsible for undertaking projects and launching institutions mostly related to the education industry; furthermore, he co-founded Aryam International College in January 2013 to provide a much-needed service for students looking to plan their future. Establishing and promoting high education standards, he has supervised and ensured a safe environment for exchanging of knowledge and growth. Having a solid background in management, he has been successful in developing and maintaining effective programmes contributing to enhancing students’ learning experiences.

Arman Ghadermazi, the co-founder of Aryam International College, started his career decades ago as a consultant for higher education and academic immigration. He has been managing projects in education. To assist and accelerate the process of immigration and related procedures, including IELTS, he established AIC. Having a rich professional background, he has implemented and directed effective strategies to facilitate the necessary steps students must take  to realize their potentials.


Elaheh Khosravi, a competent manager, has a demonstrated broad educational background. Able to provide students and staff with the necessary guidance, she has been able to create and uphold intricate relationships among the departments at Aryam International College to build an environment of trust. She has also engendered a friendly atmosphere where both learners and teachers feel fully satisfied. These remarkable management skills have brought students tremendous satisfaction, resulting in positive recognition of her talent in management. By focusing on the joy of learning, she has led countless students on their paths to success, and she has successfully executed pioneering and creative strategies to foresee and overcome obstacles and move this steamed organization forward in challenging situations.

Executive Manager

Starting her professional career as a graphic designer in 2005, Mahdieh Mahdizadeh displayed an unwavering passion for her job as an active person and as a creative and enthusiastic freelancer in graphic design projects for over 12 years. Back in 2013, when Aryam International College was founded, Mahdieh employed her knowledge and expertise in the position where she is now. She has been the Executive Manager of Aryam College, distributing tasks, managing the workload, organizing meetings and supervising interrelationships of departments. Mahdieh Mahdizadeh is a highly disciplined member with extraordinary leadership, devotion, and passion for her job.

Head of Monitoring Department

Masoumeh Bahrami is a diligent and responsible expert. Having experienced the academic environment of higher education institutions, she has been able to draw from her immense experience and knowledge to monitor students’ progress and guide their activities toward achieving their goals. She also liaises and coordinates with other departments as well as instructors to ensure students are on the right path and receive the necessary guidance.

Head of Teaching Department

For almost two decades, Vahid Mansouri has been teaching English to different age groups, educating hundreds of learners with different purposes in his career journey. Studying TEFL and being an expert in learning methodologies with various articles in this regard, he has the related knowledge and experience to guide learners through their study path. It has almost been a decade since he has focused on managing and designing tailor-made programmes following the needs of EFL/ESL learners. Working at AIC for more than seven years, he is the Academic Director of the College and designs, develops and broadens academic courses, including IELTS, PTE, ESP and University Foundation Program. He has also been in charge of running TTC courses.

Head of Assessment Department

Shahabeddin Esmaili is an experienced ESL/ EFL instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Having lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East, he is skilled at teaching and testing theories, Needs Analysis and curriculum design. For the past few years, he’s helped candidates with IELTS and PTE exam inquiries at Aryam International College. Furthermore, as the head of the Assessment Department and a mock examiner, he has run thousands of mock tests and provided feedback to learners and exam candidates. Shahabeddin also has a solid educational background with a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD. Focused on TEFL/TESOL, simultaneously, he has been an Associate Professor at IAU, teaching ESP & GE.

Student Support Coordinator

Mr/Ms. … is the Student Support Coordinator at Aryam International College. To ensure that the goals and objectives of the educational programmes are accomplished in accordance with the organization’s priorities, she/he supervises the standards of quality and student support. Ms/Mr. Coordinates and administers both enrolled and prospective students in course registration, information sessions, and student orientation. Also, in consultation with Academic Directors and department managers, she/he performs need assessment, evaluates and analyzes student support services effectiveness and takes appropriate action to ensure efficiencies and accuracy.