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Aryam International College was founded in 2005 to promote global communication across cultures using advanced methodologies in teaching English as a second language. We have established an exceptional monitoring and assessment-based educational system which guarantees the best outcome.

AIC presents students with the opportunity to become linguistically proficient while integrating with the British culture and improving their skills and perception through exceptional standards.

The approach fosters mutual understanding and global citizenship among people from all walks of life. The curriculum is an all-embracing outline covering various categories and levels for every age and aspirant, from minors to professional learners seeking internationally-recognized certificates. We inspire them to excel and triumph by applying quality customized language programmes that help create the foundation for students to exceed expectations above and beyond on the path towards realizing their ambitions. 

Aryam College


  • Library and Bookshop
  • CafĂ©
  • Garden
  • Self-Access Study Centre
  • Interactive Whiteboards 
  • Computer room
  • Disabled Access
  • Free WiFi
  • Study abroad counselling
  • 10 Maximum class size

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Personalized Planning

AIC offers a customized, exclusive and time-specific study plan with a wide range of materials and resources. The curriculum acquaints students with the test format to improve confidence and transform English general knowledge into skill and development.

Innovative Method

AIC applies a unique monitoring and assessment-based system which provides constant exposure to the learning process. It improves the quality of training processes and ensures the practicality of achieving predetermined objectives.

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Calm and Peaceful Learning Environment

AIC provides a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere in a calm and relaxing environment with fully- equipped large bright classrooms and comfortable social spaces to maximize efficacy.

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