AIC practices a personalised teaching approach to cover a variety of courses in line with students' goals and aspirations.


Ameliorating proficiency in everyday English by working on the four primary language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking; The courses suit all levels of learners.


We run a range of test preparation programmes planned to equip learners pursuing a career or further education with the necessary knowledge for successful achievements in IELTS and other international exams.


We have developed several elective subjects to cater the opportunity for students to specialise in occupational training and level up employability skills.


Offering a comprehensive range of advanced scholarly subjects, AIC undertakes contributions to certified EAP courses.


We deliver an array of programmes to facilitate progressive virtual English learning regardless of age, aptitude or ambition at all times.

Unique Experience

AIC offers a bustling educational environment in the heart of Iran’s historical and diverse capital. We guarantee a learning experience that will have an immediate impact and a lasting effect on your future.

15 Years of Excellence

Studying at AIC secures achieving your goals at a robust school that delivers accurate results. Our distinct background helps us realize the dream you yearn for in learning the English language and culture.

Bespoke System

Embedded with assessments and a predictive algorithm developed by evaluation, our education department, monitoring and assessment collectively apply an effective approach to accelerate the learning process.

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Personalized Planning

AIC offers a customized, exclusive and time-specific study plan with a wide range of materials and resources. The curriculum acquaints students with the test format to improve confidence and transform English general knowledge into skill and development.

Innovative Method

AIC applies a unique monitoring and assessment-based system which provides constant exposure to the learning process. It improves the quality of training processes and ensures the practicality of achieving predetermined objectives.

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Calm and Peaceful Learning Environment

AIC provides a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere in a calm and relaxing environment with fully- equipped large bright classrooms and comfortable social spaces to maximize efficacy.

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