Why AIC?

Experience, Wisdom, and Evolution

Aryam International College (AIC) is dedicated to optimizing the potential for personal growth and global understanding through high-quality, affordable English and professional development training along with cultural and social components. We offer unique approaches to deliver a world-class educational experience that efficiently excels in students’ educational surroundings via academic superiority and state-of-the-art teaching facilities. AIC’s comparative advantage in the field is, by far, its dedicated overseas-trained native-speaking experts paying close attention to exclusive details of the learning process on any level. We deliver bespoke English language services tailored towards students’ needs and expectations to maximize success.

Aryam College

Our team has the capacity to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships through transparent communication and personalized attention, which empowers learners with the necessary tools to accomplish career goals. We have helped thousands of students progress to international tertiary institutions and professional employment. AIC’s 110% Money Back IELTS Guarantee courses are designed to ensure the best score after the successful completion of the training. Our high-intensity, target-specific, and precise planning approach guides determined students in gaining the desired outcome.


The department is devoted to studying of ideas, traditions, cultures, communication and research. We do not administer a single school of thought in teaching but rather welcome variation within the rules of rational discourse.

AIC’s education system embodies the following sections:

  • Placement Test
  • Operational Plan
  • Resources and Events
  • Training

Learners are initially evaluated to cultivate a study plan through sequence analysis of the following four criteria:

  • Level
  • Objectives
  • Needs
  • Styles
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Conversational Classroom Activity
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Use of Interactive Technology
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Student Satisfaction Rating
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Average Tenure of Instructors
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Staff Overseas Life Experience

Personalized Planning

AIC offers a customized, exclusive and time-specific study plan with a wide range of materials and resources. The curriculum acquaints students with the test format to improve confidence and transform English general knowledge into skill and development.

Innovative Method

AIC applies a unique monitoring and assessment-based system which provides constant exposure to the learning process. It improves the quality of training processes and ensures the practicality of achieving predetermined objectives.

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Calm and Peaceful Learning Environment

AIC provides a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere in a calm and relaxing environment with fully- equipped large bright classrooms and comfortable social spaces to maximize efficacy.

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