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AIC’s Mock test opens a window towards objective and structured analysis to determine what IELTS level is needed to achieve. It identifies skills, techniques and exam areas required to develop for reaching the goal score. The IELTS Mock Test instantly provides students with a band score and detailed performance report. We have designed, developed and validated a platform bestowing profound standards.

  • Simulating the actual test
  • Full computer-delivered format
  • Detailed Performance Report
  • FREE


  • A full Speaking test with an expert IELTS teacher
  • Band estimation and score evaluation for each skill
  • Expert assessment with thorough details
  • Annotated Writing Tasks 1 and 2

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Personalized Planning

AIC offers a customized, exclusive and time-specific study plan with a wide range of materials and resources. The curriculum acquaints students with the test format to improve confidence and transform English general knowledge into skill and development.

Innovative Method

AIC applies a unique monitoring and assessment-based system which provides constant exposure to the learning process. It improves the quality of training processes and ensures the practicality of achieving predetermined objectives.

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Calm and Peaceful Learning Environment

AIC provides a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere in a calm and relaxing environment with fully- equipped large bright classrooms and comfortable social spaces to maximize efficacy.

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