Study In Comfort

Our Accommodation Options Are The Perfect Home Away From Home

We understand the importance of secure, comfortable, and conveniently-located lodging. Thus, we arrange adequate space for an ever-increasing educational opportunity by offering various options for full-time, short-course and study-abroad students. We also help learners willing to immerse in the local culture with advice on all aspects of the lifestyle.

We Provide:

  • A housing list of landlords and flat shares
  • Automatic housing updates
  • A list of residence halls in Tehran
  • Help with contracts

If you face any housing issues, our team is on-hand to assist

Our Values

As a learning institution, it is our responsibility to support human rights, dignity, and social issues. AIC is committed to providing opportunities that enable individuals and communities to thrive. We aim to promote international values through curriculum, professional behaviour, and personal interactions.

Our Services

AIC provides bespoke English language training services based on the guideline to merge learning with cultural development through established approaches derived from international expertise.
Aryam College

The Team

We have recruited qualified language experts with diverse backgrounds in linguistics, education, academic research, curriculum design, and teaching. Our cosmopolitan team of veteran professionals ensures a systematic, immersive, and efficient learning process for students.


Study Abroad

Study Abroad Programme can be highly transformative and inspiring for students. Such experiences create significant career advancement opportunities and unique cultural experiences. At AIC, we deliver numerous language preparation courses to engage students in overseas programmes worldwide.